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Welp, seems like more and more Walfasers are joining the Gravity Falls dumpster! This is great news! :D And with some funny Gensokyo Falls parody comics too!

That all being said, a thought occurred to me. With all the parodies we make with the Touhou characters, I'm starting to wonder, what if Gensokyo Falls really was an actual story? That is to say, the story, though it is roughly the same as the original Gravity Falls, was made to fit the Touhou setting?

Here are some of my ideas:

-Renko and Maribel (Dipper and Mabel) succeed in entering Gensokyo after many tries. However, they are also aware of multi-dimensional universes and anomalies, and hence dub the iteration of Gensokyo they enter "Gensokyo Falls" (or something along the lines, I dunno.)

-However before they can start exploring, Reimu (Grunkle Stan) catches them and after hearing their story and much arguing, insists they stay at the Shrine in the interest of safety and leeching off their money and manpower to help her with chores. For the rest of their time at Gensokyo, the pair live at the Hakurei Shrine, and only allowed to visit 'safe' areas like the Kappa Valley to study the Kappa, or the Human Village for obvious reasons, etc. They manage to befriend Nitori (Soos), who is interested in their technology and them being from the Outside World, and Marisa (Wendy), who is always seeking fun times and bugging Reimu.

-Renko gets more and more annoyed that Reimu doesn't allow them full reign around Gensokyo, until she finds Journal 3 (Yes, these still exist in this iteration), and realizes that there are a lot more youkai and anomalies than anyone in Gensokyo would let them in on, even Reimu or Akyuu (who if you remember WROTE The Gensokyo Chronicle). Reimu of course denies anything outside of the normal incidents (like how Grunkle Stan denies there being strange creatures in GF), but of course Renko ropes Maribel into it.

-Tourist Trapped: Much like in my comic Rinnosuke is a Zombie?, Maribel decides trying to date 'Rinnosuke' half for lulz and half thinking she can find out more strange things. It turns out 'he' was actually just Cirno and Team (9) trying to pull a prank on Renko and Maribel and giving them a 'typical Gensokyo welcome'. Much like the tactic with the leafblower, Renko and Maribel use one of Nitori's guns to shoot down Cirno and co. in a danmaku battle, after which Reimu chases them away (and lets Renko take a new hat). As an added bonus, the REAL Rinnosuke shows up and is not amused.

-Legend of the Gobblewonker: Under their protests and as an excuse to hang out at the hot springs, Reimu takes Renko and Maribel to the Kappa Valley where they have a magical mystery expedition with Nitori! The 'Gobblewonker' was, like in the original show, just a mechanical construct made by a now-insane Yumemi Okazaki (McGucket). Chiyuri (McGucket's Son), in particular, wants nothing to do with her old boss anymore and has instead tried to live a new life among the Kappa in Gensokyo.

:iconsanaeplz: :iconsaysplz: These mecha figurines come at a terrible price!
:icondatfacereimuplz: :iconsaysplz: 2000 yen?! Eh, I'll just snag them while you're not looking.
:iconsanaeplz: :iconsaysplz: What?
:iconreimuplz: :iconsaysplz: I said I was gonna rob you.
Also starring Ruukoto as Wax Mecha Sherlock Holmes and Kotohime and Meira as the silliest policewomen ever

-The Hand that Rocks the Mabel: This is a hard one. Our gag comics had placed PC-98!Alice as Gideon, and hence Shinki and Yumeko as her 'parents'. But then what about current Alice? Me personally, I think Orange from Lotus Land Story would be a funny fit, trying to blend in as a human and trying to solve incidents to spite Reimu and Marisa for all those years ago. Yuuka and Elly could be 'supporting' her from the sidelines solely out of amusement, but as Orange starts getting more and more revenge-crazed, more obsessed with Maribel''kindness', and threatening to kill Renko, things start to change.

-The Inconveniencing: Renko and Maribel join Marisa on a heist to the Netherworld for rumors of anomalies with her gang. Things don't end well.
  • The Robbie of the gang would probably be Patchouli, anti-social and completely unwilling to put up with bullcrap. Since we're trying to go for a slightly-more canon Gensokyo, there's no romance subplot (sorry all you slashers out there). Patchouli just has great pride in being an extremely knowledgeable youkai magician, and starts becoming annoyed when Renko, who's just a human, is starting to figure out about the anomalies more and even going to Marisa for them. Patchouli still doesn't appreciate Marisa but less so now considering that the latter seems to be a magnet to these anomalies. Her subplot of Boyz Crazy would probably be Patchouli attempting to use a mind-control music spell to get Marisa to spill the beans, and obviously Marisa goes "WHAT THE H?!" and avoids her for a long time. The Love God might probably involve Maribel trying to mend the friendship instead of the original where Mabel pairs Robbie up with Tambry. Speaking of which...
  • Alice would be Tambry, again next natural choice. It also helps that she's the neighbour of Marisa and perhaps a closer(?) teammate.
  • Nate and Lee would be replaced by the Three Fairies of Light. Yes, them. They're actually pretty good friends of Marisa in canon and also love investigating strange things for amusement. Also because I can't find anyone else who would fit the bill.
Everything turns out to be a prank by Yuyuko and Youmu (mostly Yuyuko) just to scare the team. But Yuyuko does hint that there are anomalies existing.

-Double Dipper: Kaguya would be the Pacifica of the story, and probably would only start disliking Renko and Maribel once she finds out they've been (accidentally) messing with the pathway between the moon and the Earth in the past. Also, Akyuu and Kosuzu must be Grenda and Candy by any means necessary.

-Irrational Treasure:
Where Suwako reveals that she ate a giant salamander and jumped out the window. Also the Lunarians did not really rule Youkai Mountain in the past. Deal with it.

That's all my ideas for now! They're mostly the result of crack and overthinking, and I have no idea if anyone, let alone I, would make an actual story out of this. But hey, this gets us thinking doesn't it? :D Just a way to tribute two fandoms we love!
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