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So it seems like even when my brain is tired out and forced to go to school, it can come up with stuff like this...

I was dreaming of something that looked like some kinda episode to a neat crossover series. In it, Adult!Chrono and Fate (from the Lyrical Nanoha series) were at first just talking outside at night around...I think one of the TSAB bases on Mid-Childa. I do remember it was because Chrono was worried about something (secretly life issues huehuehue), and Fate, being his little sister, walked out to ask him what he was worried about...

And then suddenly :iconyeagerd: 's Hinamizawa shows up (but only Chrono can see her at first)! And then she starts, y'know, using her powers to slowly drive Chrono insane...because that's what she does. But somehow in the process Chrono's Shadow (the Persona 4 kind) also shows up, so Hinamizawa has fun with telling him about THAT too. So here Chrono is getting mentally tortured, Fate has no idea what's going on and freaks out, and finally Chrono yells at Hinamizawa to shut up, and his Shadow tries to attack the insanity Satori...but she manages to escape, so it ends up attacking Fate instead.

So then there was this really awesome fight scene where both insane!Chrono and his Shadow start fighting Fate, all the while Chrono starts cackling madly and Fate is desperately trying to bring her brother to his senses. I remember there's a part where she uses her freakin' Jet Zanber attack on his Shadow, and it BARELY FLINCHES. But of course, she ends up being able to defeat Chrono, cool down hug and all, and...seriously I have no idea where his Shadow came from, and it just as easily disappears. Probably just for the sake of mentally torturing Chrono.

Either way, Chrono falls unconscious, and Fate chases after Hinamizawa. For some reason she DOESN'T try to do the same to Fate, and just kind of laughs at her and leaves

...and that's about the point of the dream I became lucid and thought to myself "I should write a short story of this!" I'm not going to though, sadly, because I've been a liiiiittle too busy lately (I'll explain another journal) ^^; But it was still pretty cool to about!

Dangit Yeager what did we say about releasing Hinamizawa into our dreams


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You either know or you don't
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It's what I do :3

I'm just another create.swf user. Most of the pics I make are made using that lovely program made by KirbyM. I like making thought-provoking and interesting stories to complement my comics. Oh, they might get religious at times, so please don't mind me! >w<

Personal Quote: "It's called X! USE IT!" (OC) and "How do I explain this..." (RL)


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