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A Troublesome Dame by TheDarkbreaker A Troublesome Dame :iconthedarkbreaker:TheDarkbreaker 10 8 Fan Art: Chika Yurushi by kidowa Fan Art: Chika Yurushi :iconkidowa:kidowa 11 6 Screenshot Redraw: Nervous Wadda by Rosenblade Screenshot Redraw: Nervous Wadda :iconrosenblade:Rosenblade 15 11 Earth Romancer: Shhh. by Rosenblade Earth Romancer: Shhh. :iconrosenblade:Rosenblade 3 4 Metru Nui sights - An Island City by IRON6DUCK Metru Nui sights - An Island City :iconiron6duck:IRON6DUCK 582 135 BABYMETAL by Gashi-gashi BABYMETAL :icongashi-gashi:Gashi-gashi 3,503 101 Persona 4: A Goddess Among Humans by Mgx0 Persona 4: A Goddess Among Humans :iconmgx0:Mgx0 257 24 NaNoWriMo 2017 Novel: Overdrive Unlimited by MikiBandy NaNoWriMo 2017 Novel: Overdrive Unlimited :iconmikibandy:MikiBandy 4 3 Block Parade by JohnSu Block Parade :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 1,827 189 Touhou - Shoot the Moon by JohnSu Touhou - Shoot the Moon :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 1,853 108
Armored Gensokyo 52
Conference Calling
“I see you’ve been redecorating.”
“Bite me.” Remilia glowered across the table at their new guest. For her part, the gold and violet youkai didn’t seem put off in the slightest, her oriental fan moving idly as she took in the surroundings.
Given the somewhat…completely destroyed nature of the SDM’s usual reception areas, Remilia had needed a plan B. The good news was that she was quite accustomed to plan B. Unplanned demolitions WERE a regrettably common occurrence in her mansion’s history. The bad news was that while plan B involved much smaller rooms, and were usually very close to a door or window she could throw the hapless trespasser…sorry, ESTEEMED VISITOR out of as fast as possible, Yukari’s authoritative status (and the nightmare blue colossus that had parked on her front lawn half an hour ago) mea
:iconthedarkbreaker:TheDarkbreaker 3 12
Armored Gensokyo 51
“Bye bye miss Keine!”
Standing in the doorway of her classroom, Kamishirasawa Keine waved politely as the children from that day’s lesson trickled out, running off to play, meet their parents, and do whatever else the warm afternoon permitted. Some would obviously get up to mischief, after all, that was what children did best…but fortunately there were other people around to keep an eye on them if things got too out of hand.
Sometimes she did feel bad about having Mokou help out like that, but the phoenix hadreassured her many times about it, so she settled for simply being grateful.
With a sigh, she slid the door closed and shook her head, long, silver tresses falling to the middle of her back. If she remembered right, there were still some papers to mark, and then she could settle in for a nice, quiet evening o
:iconthedarkbreaker:TheDarkbreaker 3 19
Cobalt and Seagoddess by TheDarkbreaker Cobalt and Seagoddess :iconthedarkbreaker:TheDarkbreaker 14 8 Complicated by RandomNumbers5902672 Complicated :iconrandomnumbers5902672:RandomNumbers5902672 28 13 Deepsea Goddess by TheDarkbreaker Deepsea Goddess :iconthedarkbreaker:TheDarkbreaker 29 14 Commission 16 by endflow Commission 16 :iconendflow:endflow 29 4




My friends…my dearest dearest gathered friends…

Open wide, those eyes and ears! For today, I present to you another of my many rhapsodies.

Yes, a tale from my roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it…

A tale, sordid as it is clichéd, but I promise – it ends in rejoicing~!


Once, there was a boy who wanted to be a hero.


A paragon of purity, a defender of justice...

Such was his dream, a shining star in the black sky...


But you understand how such tales begin.


Before the boy woke, the star disappears. The light fades.

He searched, he sought answers, he sought a figure...

But the boy was not yet a form. His cries were empty.

So the world echoed back, empty-handed.


A wave tossed in the ocean, a vapour in the wind...

Such was his reality, a mere fly clawing for the heavens.


Yet, he refused to yield.

The star of one's sincerity, the light that promised a hero...

As if the stars were mirrors, reflecting a programmed destiny within his soul...


...what a joke.


But it had to exist! It must be up there, somewhere!

Quiet was his declaration, yet resolute it remained.

A conviction that he could become a hero, a legend! This must be Heaven's mandate!


And because he could not fly towards the heavens, he ran.

He ran towards anything and everything.

Bewildered strangers. The family that cried behind closed doors.

Even another world, a realm of fantasies guaranteed!

They were just within his reach. If he could just run stronger, faster…


But the further and further he ran towards that dream –

The further and further he slipped away –

Slipped away from what he thought he was –

Slipped away from what he thought he could see –


The light, so cold and vicious, evaded him once.

It evaded him again, in the fog of his own creation.

Blind. But still, he refused to yield.

Still, he kept chasing that faint light...

Until, at last...


…Yes, you understand how such tales end.


But by a stroke of fate, we met.

His eyes looked into mine, and mine upon his.

…What did I do to him?

Why, that answer is obvious!

I made his dream come true.

…hmm hmm~…

And this, my dear friends, is where dreams end and reality begins.

This, for the time, concludes my Rhapsody.

Welcome, humanity, to your Apex!


…oh my, what’s this?

A bouquet of cankered roses? For me, my Knight?

Ah, you certainly know the way to my diseased heart~!

…of course, considering you have one yourself. You let me take a peek after all~

But still, I thank you. Truly, you are my ‘Hero’.


Bow to me first.

Now present them to me.



The Crossroad short - Rhapsody of Despair

Yes, I did a thing. 8'D

While the next few The Crossroad parts are currently being made, I decided to upload this little short piece in the meantime to complement it.

I think you should know why.

And know to whom it is important to.

Make sure to keep those eyes of your open.
The Crossroad - Part 177
Happy really late New Year!

Ah heck, sorry guys, I know the schedule said I'd upload this next part with Part 178, but uh...let's just say I'm having some scripting issues and thus I have to delay that one. But I don't want to leave y'all in the dust, so here's a breather comic to make up for it.

We finally learn how Rein orchestrated this whole mess, and what Makoto's teammates really are! For those of you who were speculating, I can imagine half of you must really feel proud of yourself for guessing the answer xD Yes indeed, Makoto's teammates were not really humans. They were more shadows of his personality.

I make no comment about that word choice.


But knowing that, what shall the other heroines do? And will Alyss be alright? Stick around for the next time...whenever I get that ready OTL
Hi guys, sorry for the lack of response and The Crossroad progress lately. Things have been slow over here. In the meantime, have a preview for a one-off thing some dudes and I were working on in the meantime. (And yes, it is a one-off, I am not abandoning my main stuff.)

Ugh, this New Year week has been rough...apologies to all y'all for not updating Crossroad as fast as I should've. I think I need more sleep.
The Crossroad Intersection by sethb1
Little side comic that may or may not be important for The Crossroad later. Now with 100% more references!

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You either know or you don't
Artist | Student | Literature

^ Pretty much sums up what I do in a shellnut

I'm just another create.swf user. Most of the pics I make are made using that lovely program made by KirbyM. I like making thought-provoking and interesting stories to complement my comics. Oh, they might get religious at times, so please don't mind me! :D

The Crossroad - next update batch progress

Generally... :bulletgreen: Business as usual

:bulletgreen: Part 178: 12.5%
:bulletred: Part 179: Not yet started


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