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The Test

A few days after my last mission, I had decided to take it slow, what with me still recovering from that battle. After waking up, I went downstairs to the living room, where mother was watching the TV with an intense look on her face. Good Morning, Mother! -– O-oh, Good Morning, Flora! Hmm, that’s odd. Is there really something that interesting to her right now? I jumped down the stairs and walked towards the TV, wanting to take a closer look and hear. Oh, that’s why! It was on the destruction of The Blue Quarter the other day when we fought The Executioner! I took an even closer look at all the rubble. Something was putting it back together, but it still looked all crumbled and bloody… Estimated 5 dead, 60 injured and several others missing, including recently hit rock-techno musician Sakari Laakkonen. Wait, Sakari Laakkonen?! That famous rock star went missing in the destruction?! Oh, now I know why the news was so loud about the incident. It’s horrible…

The news reporter then changed topic abruptly and started talking about the latest celebrity news concerning Sakari. They played footage of him at one of his concerts, wearing his trademark black coat and weird tie, metal bracelets around his wrists, and strumming his guitar and singing at the top of his lungs, every once in a while flipping back his black hair. It’s yours to take! To fight for! That song has been playing from every station for the past few days, but to be honest I’ve never really liked it. I’ve learnt to not say that in public, though. His fans will definitely get mad and chase after me, especially since he just went missing! The news reporter then continued. Just four days ago, a rumor was spread around that he and similarly rising pop musician idol, Miia Nylund, were officially a couple, and this has since been confirmed by both sources.

Miia Nylund…she has been all over the news a lot too! She always sang cheerful and bouncy idol songs, was very pretty, with dark-violet hair and always wearing some form of Lolita dress at her concerts. One day it was black and yellow with lapels, the next it was red and black plaits with many strings, the next was deep pink frills…but I never thought someone as colourful as her would go for Sakari Laakkonen! I wonder how she feels now, knowing that her boyfriend had gone missing…

Weird. Mother did not stop watching the news, even when it shifted to the celebrity news. When it switched back to the updates of the damages and casualties in the Blue Quarter, she turned to me with a tired look, trying to smile. I’m sorry Flora, but do you think you can try to return to The Wishes Shop today? What?! But I thought I was still in recovery, and she was the one person who kept insisting I stay home and rest while she looks after me. What changed her mind? She didn't seem like she wanted to explain why. Mr Keibey is going to be very busy thanks to what happened recently. He might have new missions for you, and they'll be very important. Can you do it? Well, it didn't seem like an option at this point. If Mother changed her mind this fast, it has to be something very important...

After changing up and having my breakfast, I rushed out the door and ran as fast as I could to the shop. On the way, I passed by Visionary Requiem, as usual, and saw five girls about to leave the building. Among them were Lord Dearche and Anzai from the other day! Mr Keibey and Vita aren't in the shop right now - they went to visit another contractee! Dearche called out to me as they waved. Civis and Carritas are still in the shop though! They said they needed your help with the recruitment! Wait, what recruitment? Looks like there's a new mission for me after all! I gave a quick nod and continued running towards the shop's doorstep. The moment I got there - Huh? Who is that speaking from outside? No wait, it sounds like many people!


I opened the door immediately and - What in the world is this?! So many people are at the shop today! Many of them were young girls, some a little younger, some a little older than me, but they were all standing around like a crowd, asking many questions! How is the demo going to work? -– Do we have to fight scary monsters? –- Where's the Masked Man in charge?! Something big must really be happening! Excuse me! I yelled at the girls as I pushed through, and found out who they were badgering - a very shy young girl with red pigtails and a pleated brown-and-red dress, the same one I had met shortly after I started working. It was Carritas, and she looked terrified!

Carritas! -– M-Miss F-Flora? Oh, t-thank you so much! Y-you actually came! Poor girl, she was so nervous being surrounded by so many loud people, she could barely speak! Thankfully, when everyone else saw me talking to her, they all moved back and started talking amongst themselves. I brought Carritas to behind the counter, where we could hear ourselves speak. Then I asked her what was going on. Well, uh, did...did you see the news? -– You mean about the Blue Quarter being destroyed? -– No no, after that. Wait, there was something more? Why didn't I stay behind to watch? Carritas leaned closer and whispered. Another General of System-M came not long after and started offering contracts to the people! She promised them that if they signed up, they'll be granted protection, so now many people are joining them! What?! That's just insane! They get one of their Generals to destroy the Quarter, then another one of them tricks them in a such a dirty way! I didn't know whether to feel angry or was kind of both! Carritas, what do we do?

Well, not everyone believed the General. That's why all these girls are here: they want to be our Magical Girls instead! Woah, really? That will be a lot of Magical Girls, but what does that mean we have to do? Mr Keibey right now is making a contract with someone who already has a wish, but everyone else here is still deciding, and some of them don't know how to fight or what to wish for. So, Mr Keibey said that we should give them a demo training session, and that's why they are waiting here. Wait, but I'm still a newbie too! Now I have to teach people how to fight and become a Magical Girl? I don’t know how to fight properly either, let alone cast my magic! What if we have to fight a giant powerful monster in there? What if I trip over too many times and not land a hit in? What if the other girls think we’re all as clumsy as I am and look down on us and not make the contracts?! What if--?!

Don’t worry, Miss Flora! I-It’ll be easy! Carritas spoke up, trying to smile at me. Was it really that obvious I was scared? She clenched her fists and pumped them into the air, giving her best determined face as possible. Leave the talking to Civis and I! Just do what we say, and we’ll do our best to convince these girls to join us! I couldn't help but smile back and pump my fists too. Even though Carritas was scared too, she’s trying to be brave! There’s no way I could slack either, clumsy or not!

Just then, the door opened, and in walked another teenaged girl. She wore a white turtleneck, a very ordinary pair of jeans, and a brown cap that was hiding all her hair and her face too. Immediately, I stood up to greet her. G-Good Morning! Are you here for the demo session? She did not respond, and instead started to look around the room and at everyone else. What’s going on? First the secretive fashion, now looking around the place weirdly? Well, she did eventually respond. She walked towards me and asked, Can you keep a secret? Now it’s strange questions! What did this girl want? All I did was nod awkwardly, and after looking around the shop several more times, the girl took off her cap to reveal her face and her long dark violet hair. What the-?! It was Miia Nylund! How is she-?!

Omigosh! Miia is here! -– Can I get your autograph?! Not all, but many of the girls ran towards Miia and started crowding around her, squealing and excitedly asking her many questions. Not that I can blame them – the idea of a famous pop star showing up at a place like this is unbelievable! What are we supposed to do? Even Carritas looked stunned! Then I realized why Miia tried to disguise herself – she wanted to make sure no reporter or other crazy fangirls and fanboys came after her. U-um, everyone, please quieten down! I tried to yell at the circle of recruits. Miia probably came here in secret to avoid-- Immediately, the girls understood me and they stopped talking, not before harmonizing a collective We're so sorry! to Miia, and she just giggled in return.

Whew! I actually handled that well! Still, having to talk to a super-famous idol makes me real nervous! What could Miia be thinking of us now? What is she-- Eeek! She's approaching me again! To answer your earlier question, yeah, I'm here for the demo session. She spoke with a sad smile. After all that has happened, how can I just sit around and do nothing? Oh...that's right. The other girls and I did not ask her for why she came, but that was when Carritas peeped up from the counter, shivering as she asked her question.

I-Is your find Mr S-Sakari...?

Carritas immediately regretted asking the obvious question and hid behind the counter nervously again. Oh no! Is Miia going to break down? Will she leave?! She did look like she wanted to cry for a second, but she continued to put on a straight face. Yes, it is. She then turned towards me, looking more serious than ever, and started to plead. Please, I must do something! I do not plan to just sit around! I don't want to rush you, but if we can start anytime soon-!

No need to; we're ready.

Everyone turned to see where the voice was coming from, and walking out from behind a cold metal door was Civis. Judging from her favorite wrench and gloves being slightly covered in oil, it looked like she was working hard at making....whatever it is that's going to be in the demo session. Carritas, upon seeing Civis, finally tiptoed out from behind the counter and turned to face the girls while twiddling her fingers. Boy, for all my worrying, she seemed even more nervous than I was! After a few minutes of silence, she finally mustered up enough courage and spoke up.

I-If everyone is ready, please follow -– Wait, Carritas, one more thing.

Now what did Civis want? I think the programme has already been delayed a million times! Wait, now she’s looking at Miia. You’re that rather recently famous idol singer, are you not? -– Yes, I am the- –- What is that earphone device you have? Take it off. What? She can’t be serious! Doesn’t Civis know what it is? All the other girls started whispering amongst each other as well, and poor Miia looked so shocked. I’m sorry, miss Magical Girl, but are you aware that I have some hearing impairment in my right ear? This earphone helps me with that. It is the only reason my career has gone anywhere. –- If you’re going to become a Magical Girl, you cannot have anything impeding you. Especially in this demo session. Now, please take it off. -– You can’t make me! I’ll- -– You’ll what?

So much for Civis’ professionalism. She was giving Miia a very fierce glare…almost as if she didn’t trust her. Miia didn’t say anything for a moment, just staring into blank space (or at Civis, I’m not too sure), and then reluctantly taking off her earphone and putting it inside her pocket. She didn’t look too happy about it, but she continued to keep silent. I heard some of the girls muttering again. They don’t take into account disabilities? -– That’s low! They can’t be that strict! -– I’m scared…what if they make us fight zombies with our legs tied?! -– They’re going to lose Miia, that’s for sure. She’ll be so angry, she might file a complaint! Oh, great job Civis! We’re not really promoting a good image here! Still, none of the girls left, so it’s all we could do to make sure they still stay and consider. After all, there’s no way we can let them join System-M…
After a few months (but chronologically only a few days), The Wishes Shop's Magical Girl Arcs are back! System-M's forces are expanding slowly but surely, and Regulator Keibey knows he'll need to speed things up if he ever hopes to fight them. As Flora, Civis and a new yet old face known as Carritas begin a little demo session with the girls of Sethera, the ominous shadow looms over them. Will they succeed in finding new Magical Girls? Will idol singer Miia Nylund find her love? And will she ever get along with Civis after losing a staring contest with her? Only time shall tell...

This arc was split into two parts because this one got a little long. The next one will take some time, so hang in there. This is the first time I am writing a major arc COMPLETELY on my own without Kraw's help!

Sethera belongs to :iconbryntendo:
Flora and Pax Deorum, Vita Desiderium, Regulator Keibey (The Masked Man), Caritas Terra and Civis Rebellio all belong to :iconkrawkley:
System-M and its Generals, Miia Nylund, Sakari Laakkonen, Christine von Wettin and the rest of The Requiem Heralds belong to me

Sakari's coat in the preview image was made by :iconshinkong: and edited by me
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