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TotH - The Other Side of Memories Part 1 by Kigurou-Enkou TotH - The Other Side of Memories Part 1 by Kigurou-Enkou
As the curtain for Death Event 3 begins to fall, a soul has been unleashed and the bloodshed continues, 6 of the Hakurei gather together to recollect memories of their past that will span more than a few parts long because the original comic was way too long. Also, :iconwhatatwistplz:

Characters (once again, none of which are mine, except for Hiroko who is mentioned! I am a dummy! ) :

:icontouhoumanic:'s characters

Momoka Hakurei: 3.39:Momoka :100:155:227:264:39:54:0:4:44:128:0:70FE70
Strength: Natural talent and resourcefulness.
Weakness: Inability to take things seriously.
Strength wins out.
If she's able to stop goofing off for a second, Momoka would probably be one of the better youkai hunters in the Hakurei clan. While more than capable, she prefers to leave the youkai hunting to the others and do her own thing, often getting her in trouble with the others.

Katsuki Hakurei: 3.39:Katsuki:100:52:259:223:7:2:0:68:27:0:0:A4A7FF
Strength: Devotion to her job as Shrine Maiden.
Weakness: lack of strength.
Weakness wins out.
While she's one of the more diligent of the Hakurei, she's also one of the weakest. She's frustrated that Momoka constantly goofs off despite her talents, and constantly tries to get her to shape up, without much success.

:icontachola:'s characters (Suzume is mentioned)

Kamiko Hakurei
A young orphaned girl who was taken in by the Hakurei family. Her "sister" is Suzume Hakurei. Kamiko, only being 10, actually is very powerful, even being able to use high level danmaku. Thus, Kamiko is looked apon as a gifted child. Suzume is extremely jealous of her, even though she is her little sister.
Strength: Strong physically and mentally.
Weakness: Has a phobia of blood.
Strength wins out.

:iconhydrocherri:'s character (Michi is mentioned, but not for long...)

Akemi Hakurei: 3.39:Akemi:100:90:175:222:198:6:0:0:0:0:0:6B0033
Strength: Supportive and helpful
Weakness: Her fear of death
Weakness out ways strength
Additional info: Akemi wanted to be more helpful in the Hakurei family, however her fear of death gets in the way. She isn't much of a fighter but is willing to do her best.

:iconcyborgmage:'s characters

Hikaru Hakurei
DNA: 3.39:Hikaru Hakurei:100:204:214:234:219:7:0:0:0:147:0:421E0C
Strength: A witty and shrewd quick-thinker
Weakness: Prone both to overconfidence and overprotectiveness (especially towards Izumi)
Weakness wins out.
Other notes: Something of a prodigal son amongst the Hakurei, he disagreed with the Shrine's traditional methods of combatting youkai and so struck out, wandering Gensokyo and hunting down youkai on their own turf, though he is still strongly attached to his family.

Izumi Hakurei
DNA: 3.39:Izumi Hakurei:70:229:187:218:198:38:31:1:0:126:0:AA592B
Strength: Tends to notice things that others don't, almost to the point of apparent prophecy.
Weakness: Still a child, and so is typically naive, temperamental and easily frightened.
Weakness wins out.
Other notes: Hikaru's younger sister. The star pendant she has is a kind of lucky charm given to her by her older brother when she was young(er), and so is one of her most precious possessions.

That weird flashy light background was from Umineko
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CyborgMage Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
And so begins the outbreak of dark backstory secrets.
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Mind blow!
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"Michi's father."

Oooooh dear...
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