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TotH - The Other Side of Memories Part 4 by Kigurou-Enkou TotH - The Other Side of Memories Part 4 by Kigurou-Enkou
Then as we're about to leave a flashback...Katsuki initiates another one!

Flashback characters (ask me if you need their flashback DNA, or Masaru and Michi's mom):

:iconhydrocherri:'s character:

Michi Hakurei: 3.39:Michi:100:178:234:223:167:4:4:10:0:0:0:00638C
Strength: Mighty and Strong
Weakness: Acts like a jerk
Strength out weighs her weakness
Additional info: She is know to be an egotist, she just wanted attention and fame. she even tried to brag how tough she is.

:iconuschik:'s character:

Asuka Hakurei
Strength: Very dedicated to her work and would do anything to protect Gensokyo.
Weakness: Bad attitude and is overly confident of herself.
Strength overcomes her weakness.
Extra information: Strict believer in "survival of the fittest"

:iconmr-wang:'s character:

Norio Hakurei
Strength: Highly proficient in swords, great physical strength
Weakness: Compulsive urge to protect "helpless" women
Weakness Wins Out
Bio: Blunt, impulsive, and rough around the edges, Norio is a dangerous but caring individual. Raised to look after his older sister Mayu, he is skilled with a sword but not in priesthood. He now serves as a shrine guardian. His upbringing often makes him see the blind Mayu as helpless, meaning he must always protect her, in spite of her protests to him. He's transferred this belief to others over time. He holds a fervent grudge against most Youkai, believing none are to be trusted.

:iconaiyfproductions:'s character:

Gaku Hakurei
Age: 87
DNA: 3.39:Gaku Hakurei:100:0:164:223:96:26:12:0:0:59:0:FFFFFF
Strength: Years of experience, strong-willed, Sensing omens
Weakness: Worries about others, not much of a fighter
Weakness is only a tad bit stronger than his strength.
Bio: One of the head priests of the Hakurei Shrine. He is known for his strong-will and his powerful senses. He's not much of a fighter, so he stays at he shrine. He can get distracted by his worry for the other members.

:iconrockyou18:'s character:

Kyo Hakurei
Strength:Silent & Concern
Kyo is concerned about the lives of humans in the surface of Gensokyo. He may get angry sometimes, but he is doing it for the safety of others. He has a soft personality and can be nice.

:iconxexusthesilver:'s character:

Name: Dai Hakurei
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Strength: Most Compassionate of all the Hakureis
Weakness: Too much compassion can lead to gullibility
DNA: 3.39: Dai Hakurei:100:206:195:223:246:24:0:11:0:0:0:270900

:iconthedoctor2000:'s characters:

Hitoshi Hakurei, Male:
3.39:hitoshi hakurei:100:0:180:219:209:2:0:0:0:0:0:415FFE
Strength: Determined, Protective
Weaknesses: Weaker compared to his sister.
Weakness is stronger

Karin Hakurei (DECEASED):
3.39:karin hakurei:100:9:185:223:209:2:0:0:1:0:0:3560C4
Strength: Adept at Youkai Hunting and Problem Solving
Weakness: Isn't as determined as his brother, which comes off as lazy.
Weakness is stronger

:icongreenjake:'s character:

Daichi Hakurei
Strength: Advanced and powerful magic, He can draw danmaku patrons on paper and then use magic to form them.
Weakness: Overconfident, underestimates the enemy(ies) because of his ability,he is lazy.
Weakness wins out
Additional Info: He doesn’t hunt youkais all that often, and he only carries paper and brushes around.
3.39:daichi hakurei:100:0:201:219:186:2:83:2:0:144:0:421E20

:icontouhoushake:'s character:

Hakurei Yumi: 3.39:yUMI:80:129:235:223:209:3:23:1:118:0:0:3C3C3C
Strength: Skilled in hunting
Weakness: A heavy drinker that daydreams
Weakness overrides strength
A Bit of Info: One of the eldest cousins in in the family. Likes to drink sake non-stop. Can be very dangerous and caring to the point he'd risk anything for family and those in danger. His favorite family member is his sister, Sakura.

Present time characters:

:icontouhoumanic:'s characters

Momoka Hakurei: 3.39:Momoka :100:155:227:264:39:54:0:4:44:128:0:70FE70
Strength: Natural talent and resourcefulness.
Weakness: Inability to take things seriously.
Strength wins out.
If she's able to stop goofing off for a second, Momoka would probably be one of the better youkai hunters in the Hakurei clan. While more than capable, she prefers to leave the youkai hunting to the others and do her own thing, often getting her in trouble with the others.

Katsuki Hakurei: 3.39:Katsuki:100:52:259:223:7:2:0:68:27:0:0:A4A7FF (also featured in flashback)
Strength: Devotion to her job as Shrine Maiden.
Weakness: lack of strength.
Weakness wins out.
While she's one of the more diligent of the Hakurei, she's also one of the weakest. She's frustrated that Momoka constantly goofs off despite her talents, and constantly tries to get her to shape up, without much success.

:iconcyborgmage:'s characters

Hikaru Hakurei (also featured in flashback)
DNA: 3.39:Hikaru Hakurei:100:204:214:234:219:7:0:0:0:147:0:421E0C
Strength: A witty and shrewd quick-thinker
Weakness: Prone both to overconfidence and overprotectiveness (especially towards Izumi)
Weakness wins out.
Other notes: Something of a prodigal son amongst the Hakurei, he disagreed with the Shrine's traditional methods of combatting youkai and so struck out, wandering Gensokyo and hunting down youkai on their own turf, though he is still strongly attached to his family.

Izumi Hakurei
DNA: 3.39:Izumi Hakurei:70:229:187:218:198:38:31:1:0:126:0:AA592B
Strength: Tends to notice things that others don't, almost to the point of apparent prophecy.
Weakness: Still a child, and so is typically naive, temperamental and easily frightened.
Weakness wins out.
Other notes: Hikaru's younger sister. The star pendant she has is a kind of lucky charm given to her by her older brother when she was young(er), and so is one of her most precious possessions.

:iconhydrocherri:'s character:

Akemi Hakurei: 3.39:Akemi:100:90:175:222:198:6:0:0:0:0:0:6B0033 (also featured in flashback)
Strength: Supportive and helpful
Weakness: Her fear of death
Weakness out ways strength
Additional info: Akemi wanted to be more helpful in the Hakurei family, however her fear of death gets in the way. She isn't much of a fighter but is willing to do her best.

The edited background was made by KimikoMuffin (his background of Former Hell)
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