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TotH - The Other Side of Memories Part 6 by Kigurou-Enkou TotH - The Other Side of Memories Part 6 by Kigurou-Enkou
Another thrilling fight scene! Michi is comparably suckier in this one.

Characters used (Flashback only):

:icontouhoumanic:'s characters:

Momoka Hakurei: 3.39:Momoka :100:155:227:264:39:54:0:4:44:128:0:70FE70
Strength: Natural talent and resourcefulness.
Weakness: Inability to take things seriously.
Strength wins out.
If she's able to stop goofing off for a second, Momoka would probably be one of the better youkai hunters in the Hakurei clan. While more than capable, she prefers to leave the youkai hunting to the others and do her own thing, often getting her in trouble with the others.

Katsuki Hakurei: 3.39:Katsuki:100:52:259:223:7:2:0:68:27:0:0:A4A7FF
Strength: Devotion to her job as Shrine Maiden.
Weakness: lack of strength.
Weakness wins out.
While she's one of the more diligent of the Hakurei, she's also one of the weakest. She's frustrated that Momoka constantly goofs off despite her talents, and constantly tries to get her to shape up, without much success.

:iconkigurou-enkou:'s characters:

Hiroko Hakurei (DECEASED):
3.39:hiroko (1):100:287:199:217:189:59:1:54:118:0:0:FFCFC6 , 3.39:hiroko (2):89:0:241:0:0:0:128:0:0:0:0:FFCFC6
Strengths: Very skillful, analytic and curious
Weaknesses: Overly nonchalant at times, no sense of urgency
Weaknesses win out
A fairly experienced member of the Hakurei, she has a habit of always examining situations and opponents before engaging in ANYTHING. Unfortunately, this leads her to sometimes forget she doesn't have all the time in the world. She sometimes treats her younger relatives (including Nanami) as if they were, well, much younger...

Nanami Hakurei: 3.39:nanami:93:142:177:223:168:4:4:13:73:0:0:237AB7
Strengths: Determined, promise-keeper
Weaknesses: Sucks at combat, is rash and headstrong
Strengths win out.
Distant cousin of Hiroko and is often babied by her, much to her chagrin. She has amazing power talent like Reimu, but her combat skills are some of the worse. She's been training, but her results aren't getting anywhere. At least her determination will push her somewhere...right?

:iconcyborgmage:'s character:

Hikaru Hakurei
DNA: 3.39:Hikaru Hakurei:100:204:214:234:219:7:0:0:0:147:0:421E0C
Strength: A witty and shrewd quick-thinker
Weakness: Prone both to overconfidence and overprotectiveness (especially towards Izumi)
Weakness wins out.
Other notes: Something of a prodigal son amongst the Hakurei, he disagreed with the Shrine's traditional methods of combatting youkai and so struck out, wandering Gensokyo and hunting down youkai on their own turf, though he is still strongly attached to his family.

Oriental garden background was made by :iconmegagundamman:
Vein pop was made by KimikoMuffin
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CyborgMage Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
Yeah, Hikaru is basically so great right now.

Thanks for the ideas, Kigu. 'w'b
Kigurou-Enkou Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Student Writer
No prob :3
A boomerang? That was unexpected as well as the fake Hikaru, good job!
Kigurou-Enkou Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Writer
About that fake Hikaru...I kinda borrowed the idea from the latest Memories of Phantasm episode. Reimu had to learn it from SOMEONE SOMEWHERE, amirite? xD
TouhouShake Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014   Artist
Weird, since I'm watching the episode right now. '^'
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